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10 Things to know about Planning Your Retirement Income

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10 Things to Know About Planning Your Retirement Income

Our mission is to help women in the Tampa Bay area to become more informed & involved in their personal and business finance, so they can enjoy a comfortable and secure retirement.

What does your ideal retirement look like?  Have you even had the time to imagine it?  Or are you too busy taking care of everyone else in your life or business to stop and think about your own needs and goals?  Well if this describes you then you have come to the right place.


Celine J. Pastore
Financial Advocate

She was born Celine Breslin (her mothers namesake), the youngest of five children to an Irish immigrant Celine McNelis and her Brooklyn born father Connell. Neither of her parents had much formal or financial education, but they knew how to stretch a dollar further than most.

But unfortunately they believed that a person needed to be wealthy or have money invested in the stock market in order to seek help from a financial advisor. Of course neither of those are true. Celine’s motivation to become a financial professional, as well as her focus on helping women specifically, came directly as a result of that misconception.

The motivating event came after watching her mother, (who was a selfless, self-made businesswoman as well), suffer with both fear and humiliation when her husband of nearly 60 years ended up on Medicaid in a nursing home from Alzheimer’s. Her mother, nearly 80 at the time, found herself having to learn about her personal finances for the first time, and recognizing that proper planning was not done in advance. She didn’t know anything about asset protection, long term care alternates, or even estate planning, and it was all avoidable. After helping her mother through this ordeal, Celine decided to to make it her life’s purpose to help educate and guide women to and through their retirement like she wishes someone would have done for her mom.

Celine has spent several years providing counsel to financial advisors from around the country on how to build suitable and ethical business practices and is currently coaching several of the fastest growing advisors from around the state. She has worked directly with all levels of financial practices from CEO’s of Wall Street firms and hedge fund companies to local independent advisors and insurance agents. Celine is a licensed Investment Advisory Representative and holds an insurance license in the State of Florida for Life, Health, and Annuities.

Celine loves nothing more than entertaining for friends and family, traveling to visit family around the world (she has over 100 first cousins), in addition to golfing, theatre, and spending time on the beach with a good book (under an umbrella). She is also a successful copywriter, graphic designer and is in the process of co-authoring a 3 generational book with her mother and daughter. 

As a woman, I understand what it means to work hard, put others needs before my own, and to always somehow be able to pull it all together. As women, it seems those things are often just expected of us from birth. As a business owner, wife, and mother of two children, I also understand many of the challenges that women face today. I have personally dealt with much adversity in my life, and thankfully I have always managed to come out the other side even stronger. I have now made it my life’s purpose to help guide women to and through their retirement, as their what I like to refer to as their financial advocate - whether they are married, single, divorced or widowed. 

I guess you can consider Women’s Wealth Advisor as the wise and prudent girlfriend you always looked for to help you learn, engage, and stay focused on your personal independence and financial security.  We were designed by-women and for-women, and our mission is to help women in the Tampa Bay area to become more informed and involved in their personal and business finances. 

Too many times women don’t make the time to get educated on their options, or they simply trust a spouse, business partners, or professional to take care of things for them. Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know, so leaving someone else in charge could be a big mistake. Get engaged, get involved, and start taking control of your own financial future. We will help you to learn what you don’t know, have the conversations that are often difficult to have, and help guide you to making good decisions. We hope you choose to join us on this journey!

Our office located at: 3060 Palm Harbor Blvd. (Alt 19), Suite B3 • Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Our office located at: 3060 Palm Harbor Blvd. (Alt 19), Suite B3 • Palm Harbor, FL 34683


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